Monday, July 27, 2009

Stop chasing the birth certificate, kooks!

This "birther" thing bothers me. Seems they are on the same mental plane as the "Bush Derangement Syndrome" folks. KOOKS!

There is a legitimate question. A real, legal, legitimate question about Barry's eligibility. BUT, these people chasing the rainbow of a possible Kenyan birth are playing into the hands of the decievers AND will possibly taint the legitimate question.

Let's face it. WHERE OBAMA WAS BORN IS UNIMPORTANT. Read that again. His birthplace doesn't matter. Birthplace does not decide eligiblity for Presidency. Read that again. Where was McCain born? BIRTHPLACE DOES NOT DECIDE YOUR CITIZENSHIP.

Get off that birth certificate train wreck. Holy crap, people.

Your citizenship at birth is determined by your parents' citizenship. Most specifically, the citizenship of your father. At best, BHO was endowed dual (Kenyan)British/American citizenship at birth. The laws in effect at the time though, seem to point more directly that he was only British, gaining his fathers citizenship entirely.

Birthers detract from the honest legal question. STOP IT YOU FOOLS.